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Philanthropy in Education: Chapter 5: Education and philanthropy in the Middle East and North Africa

Natasha Ridge, Susan Kippels and Elizabeth R. Bruce
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In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, there has been rapid growth in the number of philanthropic organizations working in education. The chapter provides an overview of philanthropic activity within the education sector across 11 MENA countries. We examined 65 philanthropic entities operating in the education sector, based on detailed document analysis, and website analysis, alongside interviews with the foundation staff to examine education-related activities undertaken by philanthropic organizations in the region. We begin by briefly exploring types of philanthropic giving in the MENA region, followed by a discussion of the study and the methodology used. We then describe our findings and conclude by exploring the challenges for philanthropy in the region, opportunities for potential growth, and directions for future research.

Recommended citation: Ridge, N., Kippels, S., & Bruce, E. R. (2019). Education and philanthropy in the Middle East and North Africa. In N. Ridge & A. Terway (Eds.), Philanthropy in education: Diverse perspectives and global trends (pp. 70-89). Edward Elgar Publishing.


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